Joint Consortium for School Health (JCSH)

The Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health is a partnership of 25 Ministries of Health and Education across Canada working to promote a Comprehensive School Health approach to student wellness/well-being and achievement/success for all children and youth.


Rethinking Conversation Around Youth Substance Use

Addressing the Prevention of Substance Use Harms in Canadian Youth

Canadian Standards & Indicators for Health Promoting Schools
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JCSH Priority Areas 2020-2025
Substance Use Prevention

Preventing substance use harms in school-aged children and youth from a positive youth development perspective using the Comprehensive School Health Framework

Positive Mental Health

Supporting student and staff mental well-being and the essential role of the school community to foster social-emotional learning, resiliency, relationships, and protective factors

School Food Environment

Advancing the alignment of healthy eating school food policies and priorities to student well-being, health, and learning through the health promoting schools approach

COVID 19 Supports

Recognizing the mental, physical, emotional, and academic impacts of the pandemic on school communities, particularly children and youth

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Comprehensive School Community Health eNewsletters

The Province of Saskatchewan offers an eNewsletter focused on Comprehensive School Community Health. The most recent CSCH eNewsletter is available and focuses on how to use the Comprehensive School Community Approach in school planning to address student education and health outcomes. Access the entire archive now.

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Statement on Reconciliation

“All Canadians, as Treaty peoples, share responsibility for establishing and maintaining mutually respectful relationships.” The legacy of residential schools and…

Rethinking Conversation Around Youth Substance Use

The Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health (JCSH) worked with The Students Commission of Canada to develop a set of videos and resources on preventing youth substance use harms using a positive youth development approach.

School Health Stories

Explore school health stories from across Canada. Visit participating schools on our map and then watch videos and read submitted stories. You can even submit your own!

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Comprehensive School Health

A healthy approach to improvements in students’ educational outcomes.

Positive Mental Health Toolkit

Promoting positive mental health practices and perspectives in schools.

Healthy School Planner

Assess your school’s health environment and make improvements.

Youth Engagement Toolkit

Youth engagement is a key to comprehensive school health.

Core Indicators Model

Core indicators of comprehensive school health and student achievement.

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