Rethinking Conversation Around Youth Substance Use

Addressing the Prevention of Substance Use Harms in Canadian Youth

The Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health (JCSH) worked with The Students Commission of Canada to develop a set of videos and resources on preventing youth substance use harms using a positive youth development approach. The multi-media assets consisted of three videos: one for youth in Grades 6 to 8, one for youth in Grades 9 to 12,  and one for adult allies and educators. Disseminating and integrating the latest evidence and initiatives on the prevention and reduction of substance-related harms in youth, each of the videos was developed in English and in French, with subtitles; companion resources include a discussion guide and a resources list.

Just Think Ahead: Video for Youth Grades 6-8

Created for youth in grades 6-8, this video encourages individuals to think about their boundaries around substance use ahead of time.

Just Think Ahead: Discussion Guide for Adult Allies and Educators

Developed as a complement to the Just Think Ahead video, this Discussion Guide supports adult allies and educators as they accompany their group of youth through the exploration of the topic of substance use.

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Additional Resources

Eight Cups of Coffee: Video for Youth Grades 9-12

Created for youth in grades 9-12, this video encourages individuals to support peers who may be struggling with substance use.

Eight Cups of Coffee: Resources List for Youth Grades 9-12

Developed as a complement to the Eight Cups of Coffee video, this Resources List guides youth towards nationwide and local resources that can provide support related to substance use.

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River Parable: Video for Adult Allies

Created for adult allies, this video encourages individuals to leverage evidence-based practices to reduce harms related to youth substance use.