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Children and youth in Canada are thriving in school communities that are committed to optimal health, well-being, and learning.


To work collaboratively across jurisdictions and between the education and health sectors to support optimal health,
well-being, and learning of children and youth in school communities.

About JCSH

The Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health (JCSH) was established by provincial, territorial, and federal governments in 2005 as a means of bringing together two large systems – Education and Health – across the country in order to improve health, well-being, and achievement outcomes in Canadian children and youth.

Representatives of the Education and Health ministries of 12 provinces and territories, along with the Public Health Agency of Canada work together to enhance Canadian students’ Kindergarten to Grade 12 public school experience, using a Comprehensive School Health approach.

JCSH Agreement

Download the Agreement between the Provincial Ministers of Education and the Ministers of Health/Wellness to facilitate a comprehensive and coordinated approach to health promotion in the school setting.

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Development of the JCSH

The Consortium reflects the declared commitment made by First Ministers in the 2004 Health Care Accord to working across sectors through initiatives such as Healthy Schools.

In the Fall 2004, the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) and the Conference of F/P/T Deputy Ministers of Health (CDMH) endorsed the establishment of a Joint Consortium for School Health and a School Health Action Plan that address a variety of health, social and learning-related challenges of school-aged children and youth. The founding meeting took place in March 2005.

(From Pan-Canadian Integrated Healthy Living Strategy of 2005)

Without integrated effort on healthy living:

  • opportunities for collaboration will not be fully realized;
  • gaps in knowledge development and exchange will persist;
  • public “messages” will be inconsistent and confusing;
  • community capacity to promote healthy living will be limited;
  • chronic diseases and obesity rates are likely to continue to rise; and
  • disparities will continue to grow and widen.

Organizational Structure

JCSH Secretariat

Council of Ministers of Education, Canada

Conference of Ministers of Health

Advisory Committee of Deputy Ministers of Education (ACDME)

Conference of Federal-Provincial-Territorial Deputy Ministers of Health

JCSH Management Committee

JCSH School Health Coordinators’ Committee

The JCSH is governed by two Deputy Ministers’ committees – the Advisory Committee of Deputy Ministers of Education (ACDME) and the Conference of Deputy Ministers of Health (CDMH).

The JCSH Management Committee is composed of Assistant Deputy Ministers, Directors, and other senior officials representing the Education and Health Ministries in each member province and territory. The Management Committee provides the main forum for executive level discussion and decisions affecting the work of the JCSH.

The JCSH School Health Coordinators’ Committee is composed of senior policy advisors, managers, and school health specialists of the Health and Education Ministries. This table serves as a pan-Canadian forum to advance comprehensive school health initiatives throughout Canada, and to support collaboration and alignment between health and education sectors in the promotion of health through the school setting.

The Public Health Agency of Canada acts as the lead contact for the federal government.

The Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) sits as an observer.

The JCSH Secretariat functions as neutral support to the JCSH member provinces and territories, and facilitates communication, collaboration, and knowledge dissemination.

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