CAP Journal on School Health

Click here to download a copy of the Summer 2013 Canadian Association of Principals Journal on Comprehensive School Health. Articles featured: “The JCSH Healthy School Planner: Learning how to assess the health of your school”, “Comprehensive School Health in six priority areas: The work of an Education and Health partnership” and “National Perspectives on Comprehensive School Health: What’s the Value of Your School? ”

Click here to download a copy of the Spring 2009 Canadian Association of Principals’ Special Edition Journal on Comprehensive School Health. The journal, featuring articles from some of Canada’s leading researchers in school health, is the result of a partnership between the Joint Consortium for School Health and the Canadian Association of Principals.

Comprehensive School Health Core Documents

WHO Technical Report – Promoting Health Through Schools

Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion

Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) Fact Sheets

 Bullying and Fighting Among Canadian Youth (PDF)

 Emotional Health Among Canadian Youth (PDF)

 Injury and Physical Trauma Among Canadian Youth (PDF)

 Healthy Living and Healthy Weight Among Canadian Youth (PDF)

 Health-Risk Behaviours and Academic Achievement (PDF)

 HBSC 2005/06 study: ” Healthy Settings for Young People in Canada”

 HBSC International Report

 Teaching resources based on microdata from the HBSC 1997-8 study

Healthy School Communities Concept Paper

The intent of this paper is to build a common understanding and initiate a dialogue related to these three points across all sectors that can contribute to healthy school communities in Canada.

Click to download the Healthy School Communitys Concept Paper

Positive Mental Health (PMH)

Click to download these PMH related documents

Schools as a Setting for Positive Mental Health: Better Practices and Perspectives, 2nd Edition (2013)

Schools as a Setting for Positive Mental Health: Better Practices and Perspectives,1st Edition (2010)

Making the Grade: Positive Mental Health Practices in Schools (2011)

Positive Psychology in Schools April 2009

Positive Psychology in Schools March 2009

Schools for Health, Education and Development: A Call for Action

In collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations and other international organizations, the Joint Consortium for School Health co-authored a peer-reviewed article entitled Schools for Health, Education and Development: A Call for Action published in the November 2008 issue of Health Promotion International. The article is based on results of an international review of school health evidence conducted during the 2007 WHO Technical meeting, co-hosted by the JCSH in Vancouver, BC.


Full Text:


Tool Kits & Factsheets

Youth Engagement Toolkit (2014) (English)

Ten Facts on Comprehensive School Health and 21st Century Learning (English)

Dix faits sur l’approche globale de la santé en milieu scolaire et l’apprentissage au 21e siècle (Francais)

Substance Use Toolkit – Policy (PDF)

Substance Use Toolkit – School, Family, Community (PDF)

Substance Use Toolkit – Higher Risk Youth (PDF)

Substance Use Toolkit – Classroom Education (PDF)

Physical Activity Toolkit School Policy Makers

Physical Activity Toolkit Researchers

Physical Activity Toolkit Decision Makers

Physical Activity Toolkit Best Practices

Physical Activity Fact Sheet The School Community’s Role

Physical Activity Fact Sheet The Benefits

Physical Activity Fact Sheet Schools as a Setting

Physical Activity Fact Sheet Specific Populations

Substance Use Toolkit – Policy (PDF)