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Joint Consortium for School Health

Government Organization

25 Education and Health Ministries in Canada working together to improve student well-being and achievement in the school setting.

Joint Consortium for School Health

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Joint Consortium for School Health

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Joint Consortium for School Health

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Impacts on children; impacts on school climate

Joint Consortium for School Health

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Halfway through that virtual school week and if you're a parent/caregiver, teacher, or student, you may need a happy place right about now. If you need to be in a happy place, check out this #BrainBlitz activity! #MentalHealth 🏝️ 🌞 🕶️ 🌊

Want to facilitate engaging activities supporting youth in your community to have their voice heard on important issues, concerning the Canadian Food Guide, that impact themselves and their community? 🙌
Eligibility: Canadians b/w ages 12-25
taina@studentscommission.ca for + info

#OnlineLearning Tip: It’s still important to pay attention to issues of disability, gender, ethnicity, culture, and language online.

Use the same practices you would in-person, such as asking for pronouns, using inclusive and affirming language, and using accessible materials.

Calgary police to hand out 'positive' tickets to kids for good citizen behaviour | CBC News https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/calgary-police-positive-tickets-1.5870995?__vfz=medium%3Dsharebar

Bringing your own cutlery to school requires a habit change, but it’s really no different than taking a water bottle or pencil!🍴A small change can make a BIG difference! #BYOC @PSBPEI @peihsf @bradtrivers

With virtual learning's extension, we at @SMHO_SMSO want to share a special thanks to educators and staff who extend themselves every day. Thank you!

If anyone plans to apply to the @CIHR_IRSC Health Research Training Platform (HRTP) Pilot focused on the
Human Development, Child and Youth Health pool @CIHR_IHDCYH please reach out to me. @COMPASS_UW could be a valuable partner. @DrCChambers

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