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100 Years of Loss: The Residential School System in Canada

Active at School:Connecting the Dots (November 2014)

Building bridges to collaborative success: An evidence-based inter-agency primer for health promotion (2016)

CPHA Discussion Paper- Global Change and Public Health: Addressing the Ecological Determinants of Health (May 2015)

Concussion Awareness Training Tool

 CSTADS Summary of Results Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey 2014-15

Declaration on Prevention and Promotion from Canada's Ministers of Health and Health Promotion/ Healthy Living

Forest and Nature School in Canada: A Head, Heart, Hands Approach to Outdoor Learning

Health Behaviour in School-aged Children National Report (2011)

Injury Among Young Canadians: A National Study of Contextual Determinants

McCreary Centre Society: School-based interventions to reduce health disparities among LGBTQ youth: Considering the evidence (2016) 

Mental Health Strategy for Canada

Mental Health Strategy for Canada: A Framework for Action (2017-2022)

ON Foundations for a Healthy School 

Our Health Our Future -- A National Dialogue on Healthy Weights Dialogue Report

Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy

Towards the Legalization, Regulation and Restriction of Access to Marijuana: Discussion Paper (2016)

Veale J, Saewyc E, Frohard-Dourlent H, Dobson S, Clark B & the Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey Research Group (2015). Being Safe, Being Me: Results of the Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey. Vancouver, BC: Stigma and Resilience Among Vulnerable Youth Centre, School of Nursing, University of British Columbia.


CCSA (Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse)

CCSA-Canadian Youth Perceptions on Cannabis Report 2017

CCSA - A Drug Prevention Strategy for Canada's Youth (2007)

CCSA - Building on Our Strengths: Canadian Standards for School-Based Youth Substance Abuse Prevention (version 2.0) (2010)

CCSA - The Canadian Standards for Youth Substance Abuse Prevention: An Overview (2014)

The Effects of Cannabis Use During Adolescence (2015) 

Cross Canada Report on Student Alcohol and Drug Use, Technical Report (2011)

When Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse Problems Collide, developed in partnership with the National Eating Disorders Information Centre

When Mental Health and Youth Substance Abuse Problems Collide , developed in partnership with the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health


Comprehensive School Health Core Documents

Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion


SIECCAN (The Sex Information & Education Council of Canada)

Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education (2008) 

Sexual Health Education in the Schools: Questions and Answers (3rd Ed.) (2010)